FRIGOMET HM 442 is a transparent high performance product free of oil suitable for the machining of hard metals. Thanks to special ingredients the product delays the surface drying of micro debris and makes further washing processes easier.


  • Free from boron and silicon
  • Transparent fluid, free of mineral and synthetic oils
  • Particularly recommended for the grind of hard metals
  • Prevents the dissolution of cobalt
  • High stability  and long sump life
  • Easy maintenance by and very good tramp oil separation 
  • Excellent washing and wetting characteristics ensure clean parts and machines
  • Good foaming characteristics
  • Outstanding skin compatibility


  • Applicationsrecommended concentration (depending on process and material): 5-6%
  • Compatibility of materialsHard metals
  • Fields of applicationgrinding
  • Corrosion protection3 of 4
  • Stability2 of 4
  • Foaming characteristics3 of 4


Recommended applications


High dynamics requires very good foaming chracteristics. High flushing power ensures reliable swarf removal. Very good cooling effect prevents workpiece burning.