<p>HYCUT ET 46 + ADDITIV LM belong to the two-component water-miscible system with high requirements to material compatibility. Mixed with water form both components a high-performance metal working emulsion. HYCUT ET 46 can be also used as machining oil or hydraulic oil.</p>


  • Recommended for demanding processes
  • Particular suitable for machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • Outstanding lubricating performance 
  • Easy adaption to application requirements by independent adjustment of two components
  • Good run off ensures low consumption
  • Clean parts and machine by excellent washing action
  • Easy maintenance and long service life due to tramp oil separation
  • Non-foaming
  • Free from bactericide, boron and silicon
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties


  • Applicationsrecommended concentration (depending on process and material): HYCUT 3 – 20% / ADDITIV 2,5-3%
  • Compatibility of materialsAluminium, Non-ferrous metals
  • Fields of applicationgrinding, turning, milling, drilling, deep drilling reaming, broaching
  • Corrosion protection3 of 4
  • Stability3 of 4
  • Foaming characteristics1 of 4


Recommended applications


High dynamics requires very good foaming chracteristics. High flushing power ensures reliable swarf removal. Very good cooling effect prevents workpiece burning.


High dynamics requires good foaming characteristics . Depending on the turning process high demands in terms of material compatibility. Long service life and high efficiency.


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Sophisticated cutting parameters and materials require excellent lubrication performance.


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Long service life and high efficiency.

Deep Drilling

Requires very high lubricity and good wetting performance. With internally cooled tools high stability and very good foaming characteristics.


Besides excellent lubricity, even a good wetting and flushing characteristic is required.


Very high demands on the lubrication performance for long tool life.