UNIMET AS 194 is a particularly efficient product that can be used for a large variety of machining applications and materials including steel and cast iron.


  • Free from bactericide
  • Suitable for the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Extreme high stability and long sump life
  • High flushing action ensures cleaner machines and work pieces
  • Very good foaming characteristics even with water hardness of 5°d
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Outstanding skin compatibility


  • Applicationsrecommended concentration (depending on process and material): 3,5 – 8,0%
  • Compatibility of materialsGrey Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Non-ferrous metals
  • Fields of applicationgrinding, turning, milling, drilling, deep drilling, reaming
  • Corrosion protection3 of 4
  • Stability3 of 4
  • Foaming characteristics3 of 4


Recommended applications


High dynamics requires good foaming characteristics . Depending on the turning process high demands in terms of material compatibility. Long service life and high efficiency.


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Long service life and high efficiency.


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Sophisticated cutting parameters and materials require excellent lubrication performance.


High dynamics requires very good foaming chracteristics. High flushing power ensures reliable swarf removal. Very good cooling effect prevents workpiece burning.