New filling with water miscible metalworking fluids

The correct realisation of a new filling is very important for a long sump life and theperformance of a coolant.

1. Cleaning of coolant circuit system

Before filling the machine, the system has to be cleaned thoroughly. Oil residues, solid
particles, fungi and bacteria have to be removed from the machine.
Without previous cleaning, parts of the afflicted substances (especially bacteria) will be
transferred into the new emulsion. This may result promptly in the degradation of the
coolant characteristics.

2. Instructions for a new filling of individual machines and central systems

  • Remove as many solid deposits, debris and as much tramp oil as possible
  • Add a system cleaner (e.g. ADDI PROX SC/F or ADDI PROX SC with separate addition of the biocide); meanwhile the process can be continued) in sufficient concentration directly to the existing coolant. Circulate cooling system for approx. 8 hours
  • Dispose or recycle the used fluid
  • Clean the machine mechanically, particularly at hard to reach areas. Pay attention that fungi are removed
  • Flush the system with a low concentrated emulsion to be sure that all residues or cleaners are removed
  • Drain and refill with a new coolant in correct concentration. Water hardness of the water to be used should be between 10°d and 20°d
  • Preventive conservation, e.g. with ADDI-PROX MB/R, is recommended to avoid coming up bacterial and fungus growth in the new filling